Yarmouth Organizations Team Up to Tackle Shortage of Doctors, Housing

A success story posted by Preston Mulligan of CBC Nova Scotia tells about how the housing shortage in Nova Scotia has created another hurdle in the struggle to attract doctors, but the business community in Yarmouth thinks it may have come up with a solution. Read More…

House Sales Are Booming in Rural BC

House Sales Are Booming in Rural BC — and Renters Are Getting Slammed A July 2021 article by Alex Cosh in “TheTyee.ca” discusses how increasing house prices in many smaller rural communities are causing problems for renters and long-time residents. Read the article here.

asset based community development with Peter Kenyon

ABCDE, a la Peter Kenyon!

“Shift the development mindset from needs and deficiencies to assets and capacities — from consumer, customer, and client, to co-producer, co-owner, and citizen.” Peter Kenyon   If your rural or remote community can use a boost, here are some primers, courtesy one of the world’s leading asset-based community development advocates, Australia’s Peter Kenyon.     Continue reading

Asset based community development guru Peter Kenyon

Peter Kenyon Coming to BC!

The BC Rural Centre is very pleased to be bringing Peter Kenyon back to BC, to deliver a series of asset based community development (ABCD) workshops in multiple towns across BC, starting May 30th. The workshops will be led by Peter Kenyon, the renowned Director of the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. (Initiatives for the Development of Continue reading

By their own hands — the people of St. Andrews take charge!

By Their Own Hands — St. Andrews, Nova Scotia

Building on the legacy of pioneering Scottish and, later, Dutch immigrants, St. Andrews, Nova Scotia, a rural agricultural community, has been able to muster active and enthusiastic volunteers for a series of ambitious community initiatives and has maintained a thriving community into the 21st century. This 22 minute video explores some of the reasons why Continue reading

ABCD Toolkit

ABCD Toolkit

In this toolkit by DePaul University’s ABCD Institute, Dan Duncan sets out the concept of asset-based community development, or “ABCD.” Duncan argues that, to improve individual and family well-being, communities, neighbourhoods and their residents need to be involved as co-producers of their own and their communities’ well-being. Everyone has something to contribute, Duncan asserts, and Continue reading

Cormac Russell on ABCD

Cormac Russell Explains Asset-Based Community Development

Cormac Russell is Managing director of Nurture Development, one of eleven strategic partners of the ABCD Institute, and the lead partner in Europe. Russell and his Nurture Development colleagues have worked as ABCD social explorers, trainers, mentors, facilitators, researchers, and consultants with change partners and disruptive innovators around the world. These include communities, charities, NGOs/NPOs, faith-based organizations, Continue reading

Peter Kenyon to speak at Keeping It Rural 2017

We’re delighted that internationally recognized rural development leader Peter Kenyon will be joining us at this year’s Keeping It Rural conference, in Kelowna (June 20-21). A community enthusiast and social entrepreneur, Peter has worked with more than 2,000 communities in his homeland, Australia, and 59 other countries, seeking to facilitate fresh and creative ways to Continue reading

SIBAC announces upcoming Keeping It Rural 2017 conference

  In the wake of 2015’s highly successful Keeping It Rural conference, SIBAC is pleased to announce that Keeping It Rural 2017 will take place this June 20th and 21st in Kelowna. As with the 2015 event, this year’s Keeping It Rural event will feature outstanding presenters from Australia and across North America, delivering presentations and Continue reading

Fields Forward is putting a cherry on top!

BC Rural Centre
Fields Forward is putting a cherry on top!

  Rural revitalization. Rural renewal. Leveraging local strengths. These are all easier said than done for many rural communities struggling to reinvent themselves in the context of a rapidly urbanizing 21st century. An innovative agriculture-based initiative in BC’s Creston Valley has taken on the challenge — in fact it could be said that Fields Forward Continue reading