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Rural BC went from a state of mill closures. declining and ageing populations, and more tragic news where we were on the verge of our rural, remote, and First Nation British Columbians' collective future being at stake.

Fast forward to today where we have a never before seen housing shortage in rural BC, real estate prices out-of-reach for most residents, a crumbling healthcare system, unable to meet the demands of the communities, and a major threat to the quality of life in rural BC.

It's never been more important to know what's going on in rural, remote, and First Nation BC. Yet mainstream media is largely focused on what's happening in the urban centres, while most of BC's natural wealth and beauty, never mind many of its brightest and best, are found in our rural & remote towns, regions, and First Nations.

That's why we've created a source of timely, useful, positive (often inspirational) news, videos, podcasts, webinars, conferences, and studies that focus on success stories in rural, remote, and First Nation  BC, and further afield.

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