Rural Policy

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Indigenous Education as the Impetus to Economic Resilience

Originally Written and Posted By Indigenous Prosperity Centre As we navigate the complex landscape of Indigenous procurement and economic development, a question that consistently occupies my…

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Revitalizing Downtown Hope

Planning for a Resilient Future *originally posted on Etsi-BC News For thousands of people who travel to and from the Lower Mainland, the community of…

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The Clean Economy – Preventing Plastic Waste and Pollution

The Province continues to take action to support the clean economy by preventing plastic waste and pollution. People will not receive items like cutlery and condiments…

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Not Enough Being Done to Prevent Future Flooding

Living in Merritt is like living on an active volcano, says city manager, as concerns loom over flood risk Residents and municipal officials worry not…

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Framework for Creating a Smart Growth Economic Development Strategy

A Tool for Small Cities and Towns Many small and mid-sized cities around the United States are struggling because their economies were built largely on…

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