Rural Economic Diversification and Infrastructure Program (REDIP)

Program Details

The Rural Economic Diversification and Infrastructure Program (REDIP) is a new grant launched by the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation (JEDI).

The Government of B.C. is investing up to $33 million this year to create the Rural Economic Diversification and Infrastructure Program, which will support projects that promote the following:

  • Economic diversification
  • Resilience
  • Clean growth opportunities
  • Infrastructure development

For full program details, including funding categories, eligibility, project types, and timelines, please refer to the REDIP Program Guide.

Funding Categories and Eligibility

REDIP has three unique funding categories. Each category targets different project types and communities:

1. Economic Capacity (REDIP-EC)

2.  Economic Diversification (REDIP-ED)

3.  Forest Impact Transition (REDIP-FIT)

Eligible Applicants

Eligible lead applicants for all three funding categories (REDIP-ED, REDIP-EC, REDIP-FIT) include:

  • Local Governments
  • Regional Districts
  • Indigenous communities and organizations
  • Indigenous Development Corporations
  • Not-for-profits

For more detailed information regarding eligible lead and partner applicants, please refer to the REDIP Program Guide.

Eligibility Exemptions

Communities with populations under 25,000 located within the Metro Vancouver and Capital Regional districts can apply for an eligibility exemption prior to applying for funding. Please fill out the Eligibility Exemption Request Form and email it to

Communities that were approved for an exemption in previous REDIP intakes do not need to reapply.

Please contact program staff prior to submitting an exemption request to confirm whether the community has been previously approved.

The second REDIP intake is currently open, from July 4 – October 30, 2023. Apply now.

Find Out More:

The 2023-24 REDIP intake is open from July 4, 2023 to October 30, 2023. Applications must be submitted online by October 30, 2023 at 11:59 PM PST.

The 2024-25 REDIP intake will run from July – October 2024.

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