Indigenous Education as the Impetus to Economic Resilience

Originally Written and Posted By Indigenous Prosperity Centre As we navigate the complex landscape of Indigenous procurement and economic development, a question that consistently occupies my thoughts is: What does economic resilience truly mean for Indigenous communities? Community development is at the heart of catalyzing economic resilience; the discussion today is mainly through the lens of…

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A New Hotline for Rural BC!

The BC Rural Centre has a new direct phone number to call when you need to talk to someone about Rural Issues, Challenges, Opportunities, and Inquiries. Over the past few months, the BC Rural Centre has been adjusting to a few key changes, new staff, including a new Executive Director and a revisit of the…

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How to Tackle Climate Change: A Youth Labour Force

Youth take climate action

You’re never quite sure what you’re walking into the first time you try something. That was certainly the case for 14 adventurous young adults who applied to be crew members of the inaugural Youth Climate Corps (YCC) in the fall of 2020. Pitched as a climate-solutions program, the plan was simple: give young adults meaningful…

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