New Community Investment Co-Ops!

New community investment co-ops in East & West Kootenays

Two new BC Interior-based community investment co-ops have recently been formed — the East Kootenay Columbia Investment Co-op, and the West Kootenay Boundary Investment Co-op.

Both are for profit Co-operative Association registered in British Columbia. They are member-owned, locally controlled and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

New community investment co-ops established

East Kootenay Columbia is designed to finance businesses located in BC’s East Kootenay Columbia, which includes the following regions and towns:

Elk Valley
Columbia Valley-Golden

West Kootenay Boundary is focused on:

Grand Forks-Boundary
Upper Slocan, Arrow, and Kootenay Lakes


How They Work

1. Capital Pools

Co-op members pool their money together to directly support businesses in their communities. The idea is to make an impact in local communities while earning a return.

2. Financing Local Businesses

Businesses within these regions can apply for financing that works for their unique needs. Approved applicants receive business development guidance, collaborative financing and ongoing support.

3. Partnering for Success

The co-ops will leverage their member’s investments with traditional financial institutions to provide the capital businesses need to grow.

4. Creating Community Impact

The co-ops will direct capital into local businesses that provide economic, social, environmental, and community impacts. The general idea is to do good while making a profit.

New community investment co-ops can make a difference in BC Interior


Interested in participating? Visit their websites at:

For Further Info on New Community Investment Co-ops

East Kootenay information:

West Kootenay/Boundary information:


Visit the BC Rural Centre’s community investment page.