Rural citizens investing in themselves in Creston

Rural citizens investing in themselves in Creston? What does that mean?

Every year, rural Canadians place hundreds of millions of dollars into RRSPs. Most of this money ends up financing economic development “somewhere else” — usually in major metropolitan areas.

What if at least some of that money stayed in rural communities, where it was used to finance the expansion of existing businesses and support worthy start-ups? Could that help ignite the kind of economic renewal so desperately needed in most rural towns and regions?

A group of over 100 determined folks in British Columbia’s West Kootenay region have decided to answer that question, forming the Creston & District Community Investment Co-Op.

In this video produced by Kootenay Business TV, Co-Op spokesperson Eden Yesh provides some useful background. This is must viewing for anyone interested in economic development in rural communities and areas.