Webinar: First Nation-Municipality Collaboration — the Tla’amin Nation & Powell River Experience

Webinar: Tuesday, June 25, Noon Pacific

Webinar with Clint Williams & Dave Formosa

The coastal town of Powell River shares many similarities with other rural communities in BC. Powell River was established and grew next to a historical First Nations community – in this case on the traditional territory of the Tla’amin Nation.  Its economic growth and expansion were primarily due to a heavy reliance on the forest industry.  Powell River has experienced significant economic and employment transitional issues related to its major forest sector employer – a pulp and paper mill.  However, Powell River is also quite unique in terms of the level of partnership and collaboration between its municipal government and Tla’amin Nation.  The strongly proactive approach Powell River and Tla’amin Nation have taken to manage the development and transition of their communities and economy is well worth examining.

We’re pleased to bring together Tla’amin Nation Hegus (Chief) Clint Williams and Powell River Mayor Dave Formosa for a relaxed, informative conversation on the evolution of the relationship between their two communities, prospects for future collaboration, and lessons learned that may help other First Nations and local municipalities across the province find their way to a similarly mutually beneficial working relationship.

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