Youth Exodus to Art Epicentre?

What kind of future should a struggling rural town choose? In the town of Green River, Utah, population 950, a nonprofit called Epicenter aims to use art and architecture to bring youthful new energy, life, and economic development to the community, as Jeffrey Brown reports in this PBS video.  

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Youth Attraction: Rural Challenges, Successes

Youth attraction strategies are necessary

    Introduction We have become a culture of nomads. “Where do you come from?” is a question we now routinely ask one another because we rarely expect the answer to be “here.” Discovering where someone comes from tells us about who they are and what their story is — but we never ask, “When…

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Small Town Canada Strives to Survive

Small towns strive to survive

Here’s an informative report by CBC on how rural Canadians are striving to cope with change in the 21st century.  TRANSFORMATION How Canada’s small towns are trying to survive and thrive in changing times All summer CBC News will showcase communities adapting to demographic and other changes Chris Iorfida · CBC News · Posted: Jul 09, 2018 4:00 AM…

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