The Clean Economy – Preventing Plastic Waste and Pollution

The Province continues to take action to support the clean economy by preventing plastic waste and pollution. People will not receive items like cutlery and condiments unless they need them and can expect to see options that support a healthier environment and cleaner economy. “We want to ensure people have the best options available to effectively…

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BC Doctor Develops National Guide for the Greening of Health Care

The healthcare sector is among the most polluting, contributing 5 per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas. A Kimberley-based physician, Dr. Ilona Hale, and a team of health care professionals have produced a new resource, specifically aimed at clinicians called ‘Planetary Health for Primary Care’. “It’s an online guide for healthcare providers meant to make…

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Future Food: Getting Beyond the Energy Blindness of Techno-Utopianism

Future food

(The following is adapted from The Future is Rural: Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification, by Jason Bradford.   How’s this for a party-stopper: Contrary to the forecasts of most demographers, urbanization will reverse course as globalization unwinds during the 21st century. The eventual decline in fossil hydrocarbon flows, and the inability of renewables…

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