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The BC Rural Centre webinars provide information on matters important to me, living in a remote region of BC. I leave feeling connected to the rest of the province and with renewed energy.


I attended the webinar on coops and was highly impressed with the content and information shared. I made new connections and have been able to move my community coop project forward as a result.

East Kootenays

Rural healthcare has been struggling to provide the services necessary to those living outside the major urban centres - [The BC Rural Centre's] webinars on rural healthcare and seniors living in rural areas were pivotal in getting and organizing a healthcare group in our community to support the residents.

Cowichan Valley

Working with the BC Rural Centre to deliver webinars to the rural constituents was a highly rewarding experience. They were organized, professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable – all of which made my job of showing up and presenting much easier.

Peace River

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