BC community forest micro sawmills

Micro Sawmills in British Columbia — Insights for Community Forests

Micro sawmills are defined as mills that process 2,000-20,000 cubic metres per year. Micro mills present a number of opportunities for rural BC communities and First Nations, including the creation of more local jobs, increased value from harvested trees, and enhanced rural economic diversification. To get the conversation going and inspire forward-thinking practices amongst BC’s Continue reading

Deep Roots 2 — the Harrop-Procter Community Forest Story

Of the over 50 community forests in British Columbia, only one — in tiny Harrop-Procter, located on the rugged eastern shore of Kootenay Lake’s West Arm — has its own mill. With its emphasis on creating local employment and its commitment to ecosystem-based forestry, Harrop-Procter Community Forest stands as one of Canada’s most interesting — Continue reading

Deep Roots 1 — the Harrop-Procter Community Forest story

Harrop-Procter Community Forest, located on the rugged eastern shore of Kootenay Lake’s West Arm, is one of Canada’s most innovative — and intriguing — community forest operations. Harrop-Procter Community Forest’s 11,300 ha community forest tenure comprises 100-year-old mixed forests, domestic watersheds, and steep, sensitive terrain. The HPCF takes an ecosystem-based approach to management which is based Continue reading

Harrop-Procter Community Forest shines

This article by Virginia Rasch excerpted from Kootenay Business  highlights the Harrop-Procter Community Forest, one of the most innovative community forestry initiatives in the country.   From conflict comes success. That’s the origin of the Harrop-Procter Community Forest, according to Erik Leslie, a registered professional forester. “We are a product of the ‘War in the Woods’ from Continue reading

Harrop-Procter Community Forest: The Podcast

In this podcast, Dave Johnson, Erik Leslie, Rami Rothkop, and Ramona Faust discuss the origins and operating philosophy of the Harrop-Procter Community Forest Cooperative, one of the most interesting Community Forests operations in British Columbia.