Rural renewal is well underway in Earlham, Iowa

Rural Revitalization, Iowa-Style

Rural revitalization Iowa-Style


Rural revitalization Iowa-style. There are plenty of small towns badly in need of economic and social renewal across North America.

Earlham, Iowa was one of them.

Through a combination of community resilience and tenacity, and newcomers of means who seem to have truly understood — and respected — the local culture, Earlham is poised to undergo a renaissance.

Rural revitalization Iowa-style in Earlham

At the centre of this positive change stands the historic Bricker-Price Block, a once-stately building fallen on hard times, standing abandoned as a mute accusation of failed dreams right across the street from Earlham’s city hall.

Rural revitalization Iowa-style is real in EarlhamThe story of how (wealthy) sheep farmer Sharon Krause, inspired by a local  organization called Chicks With Checks and her overall admiration for the spirit of the people of Earlham decided to turn the Bricker Price sow’s ear into a community silk purse is the subject of this BC Rural Centre Success Story.




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Rural revitalization Iowa-style is well underway in Earlham


Not every rural community has a Bricker-Price building waiting to be developed. Or a Sharon Krause with the will and financial means to help make it happen. But every community has assets, from local pride to empty storefronts. Assets just waiting to be tapped.

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